3 Classy outfits that adds spark in your Formal wear!!

As we all know office outfits are a bit tricky But it should be smart, stylish too !! At the same time it should not appear on the face. It should be a bit simple because not everyone can wear it to the office. So today I’m going to tell you about formal wear !!!
How to be office ready?
What kind of footwear you can opt ?
Along with some formal accessories and makeup ideas !!
So Let’s Get Started!

Formal wear
formal women

First I will tell you guys western wear options. An office dressing pattern will be different. Like if you are in corporate sector then your dressing sense will be different, if you are in government sector then dressing sense will be different. You have the some different options, which today I will show you. You can carry whatever suits you and your office !!

Formal One Piece Wear

Either you can go for Bodycon Fashion, but if you have a tummy, you can wear a little A-line one piece dresses.I will prefer ZARA for shop these. It will go to little bit expensive but there will be dresses of master quality and apart from that there are 2-3 more stores from where you can buy.

Formal one piece

Footwear and Accessories

If You’re Not Comfortable In The heels, then Bellies looks best on it. Also oxford shoes look great with this type of dresses.With this just carry a simple nice watch with this. It will give a much better look. Keep a clean and simple makeup with light earings.

Trousers in Formal wear

The next option for you is the trousers and shirt! Which is a very common option in many companies, many offices in this on a regular basis. I like H&M for get the best and comfortable trousers.

You can wear black trousers with your white shirt. You can get white shirt from anywhere. You don’t need to expend much on it. You can wear cut sleeve shirt, plain shirts, 3/4 sleeves shirts with the trousers. You can wear whatever suits you !! If you want to know more about shirts then click on this link:

Formal trousers
Formal trousers

Footwear and Accessories

Carry this with a simple watch as well as oxford shoes or bellies or block heels.

Formal A-line skirt

You can also wear it with shirt which is very trending in western formal wear. A black skirt with white shirt gives you a peculiar look. I would recommend it from ZARA.

formal skirts

Footwear and Accessories

Again, with this formal wear, you can carry bellies or block heels. Carry a watch with it with a simple pair of earrings. It will give you very classy look.

If you want to know more about men’s formals click on this link :

So which style you gonna prefer…?? Do mention in the comment box!!Hope you all know about the ideas that we must carry during this time. Try these ideas and share me which style gives you a trendy look. We’re glad to serve you.What next post that you want for…??Please do let us know to serve you more better. Stay tuned for the upcoming post.

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