Must Haves in Festivals!!

Hello Fashionates! Welcome all of you to the Trendzmania, where we all talk about fashion, lifestyle and beauty. As you all know festive season is on the way. So, Today we are going to tell you some different must haves from which you can create a more trendy look. Apart from clothes and jewellery, I will tell you some such things that will make you shine in the festival. Do you know about the latest must haves in this festive season ? If no, then read the below article.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

Ethnic Belts : Must in your wardrobe

The first one that I think you absolutely must have is the ethnic belt! Which is going on a lot these days. If you wear the belts with any dress like suits, sarees or kurtis, then it will give you a very classic look.

If you want to take it then I will prefer Amazon. Otherwise I have taken it from Amama whose link I am providing you.

Evil Eye Bracelet : Must in your hand

The third one that I think is the coolest now is the Evil Eye bracelet! I wear an evil eye bracelet with basically all my suits. To avoid from evil eye in the festive season, we must wear an evil eye bracelet.You can get it from Amazon of which I’m providing you the link.

Flowers : Must Haves in festivals

The fourth must have in my according is Flower! I always say that put flowers in your hair and in this festive season,it gives you a more elegant and classy look.You may have worn a suit, a sari or a lehenga, but with this, if you put flowers in your hair.

If you use fresh flowers, then use roses or jasmine. Otherwise artificial flowers are also available in market of which I’m providing you the link

So in this festive season, you must use flowers. And see how do you feel and let me know how you create a look after using it?

Indian heels : Must Haves in footwear

In the last that I have observed a lot, that is indian types of heels. You can see on Myntra where you can get a lot of brocade heels, they will be available,which adds even more to your Indian outfit to make your look look elegant.

So, You Should Definitely Try it Out!

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So I hope you guys must be getting the meaning of all these festive looks. Which look you gonna create?? Let me know from comments!!

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